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Lower Paarametric. The structure of the model history tree resembles that of a CSG binary tree. A CSG binary tree contains only Boolean relations, while the Autodesk Inventor history tree contains all features, modeoing Boolean relations. A history tree is a sequential record aytodesk the features used to create the part.

This history 2107 contains the construction steps, plus the rules defining the design intent of each construction operation. In a history tree, each time a new modeling event is created previously defined features can be used to define information such as size, location, and orientation. It is therefore important to think about your modeling strategy before you start creating anything.

It is important, but also difficult, to plan ahead for all possible design changes that might occur. Sequential record of the construction steps Feature-based modeling is a cumulative process.

Every time a new feature is added, a new result is created and the feature is also added to the history tree. The database also includes parameters of features that were used to define them. All of this happens automatically as features are created and manipulated. At this point, it is important to parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free that all of this information is retained, and modifications are done based on the same input information.

In Autodesk Inventor, the history tree gives information about modeling order and other information about the feature. Part modifications can be accomplished by accessing the features in the history tree. It is therefore important to understand and utilize the feature history tree to modify designs. Autodesk Parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free remembers the history of a part, including all the rules that were used to create it, so that changes can be made to any operation that was performed to create the part.

In Autodesk Inventor, to modify a feature we access the feature by selecting the feature in the browser window. What is your choice in arranging the modelimg of the features? Would you organize the features differently if additional fillets were to be added in the design? Take a few minutes to consider these questions and do preliminary planning by sketching on a piece of paper.

You are also encouraged to create the model on your own prior to following through the tutorial. Starting Autodesk Inventor 1. The Autodesk Inventor main window will appear on the screen. Once the program is loaded into memory, select the New File parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free with a single click of the left-mousebutton in the Launch toolbar. Select the English tab, and in the Part template area select Standard in.

Click Create in the New File dialog box to accept the selected settings to start a new model. Autodesk Inventor can be used for part modeling, assembly modeling, modelinng drawings, and assembly presentation. The browser window provides a visual structure of the features, constraints, and attributes that are used to create the part, assembly, or scene. The browser also provides right-click menu access for tasks associated specifically with the part or feature, and it is the primary focus for executing many of the Autodesk Inventor commands.

Creating the Base Feature The first item displayed in the browser is the name of the part, which is also the file name. By default, the pef Part1 is used when we first started Autodesk Inventor. The browser can also be used to modify praametric and assemblies by moving, deleting, or renaming items within the hierarchy. Any changes made in the browser directly affect the part or assembly and the results of the modifications are displayed on the screen instantly.

The browser also reports any problems and conflicts during the modification and updating procedure. A Help-tip box appears next to the cursor and a brief description of the command is displayed at the bottom of the drawing screen. Move the cursor over the edge of the XY Plane in the graphics area. When the XY Plane is highlighted, click once with the left-mouse-button to select the Plane as the sketch plane for the new pff. On your own, create and adjust the geometry by adding and modifying dimensions as shown below.

Inside the graphics window, click once with the rightmouse-button to display the option menu. Select Finish 2D Sketch in the pop-up menu to end the Sketch option. On your own, use the dynamic viewing functions to view the sketch. Click the home view icon to change the display to the isometric view. In wlth 3D Model tab, select the Extrude command by left-clicking on the icon. In the Distance option box, enter 2.

In the Extrude pop-up window, left-click once on the Symmetric icon. The Symmetric option allows us to extrude in both directions of the sketched profile.

Click on the OK button to accept the settings and create the base feature. On your own, use parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free Dynamic Viewing functions to view the 3D model.

Also notice the extrusion feature is added to the Model Tree in the browser area. In the Status Bar area, the message Select plane to create sketch or an existing sketch to edit. Move the graphics cursor on the 3D part and notice that Autodesk Inventor will automatically highlight feasible planes and surfaces as the cursor is on top of the different surfaces. Move the cursor inside the upper horizontal face of the 3D object перейти на страницу shown below.

Click once with the right-mouse-button to bring up the option menu and select Select Other to switch to the next feasible choice. On your own, click on autodssk down arrow to examine all possible surface selections. Select the bottom surface to align the sketching plane.

Select the bottom horizontal face of the solid model parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free it is highlighted as shown in the above figure.

Select the Center Point Circle command by clicking once with the left-mouse-button on the icon in the Sketch tab. We will align the center of the circle invetnor the midpoint of the base parametdic. On your own, use the snap to midpoint option to pick the midpoint of the edge when the midpoint is displayed with GREEN color as shown in the figure.

Hit [F6] to set the display orientation if necessary. Select the front corner of the base feature to create a circle as shown below. Select OK in the pop-up menu to end the Circle command. In the Features toolbar the toolbar that is located to the left side of the graphics autldeskselect the Extrude command by clicking the left-mousebutton тоже download vnc viewer for windows 10 абстрактный the icon. Click inside the circle we just created and leftclick once to select the region as the profile to be extruded.

In the Extrude вот ссылка control, set the operation option to Join.

Also set the Extents option to To Selected Face as shown below. Select the top face of the base feature as the termination surface for the extrusion. To Selected option Join option Select the parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free face as the termination surface. Click on the OK button to proceed with the Join operation. The autodesk revit architecture 2016 32 bit free is highlighted in the display area when we select the feature in the browser window.

Each time a new feature is created, the feature is also displayed in the Model Tree window. By default, Autodesk Inventor will use generic names for part features.

However, when we begin to deal with parts with a large number of features, it will be much easier to identify the features using more meaningful names. Two methods can be used to rename the features: 1. Clicking twice on the name of the feature and 2. Using the Properties option. In this example, the use of the first method is illustrated.

Select the first extruded feature in the model browser area by left-clicking once on the name of the feature, Extrusion1.

Notice the selected feature is highlighted in the graphics window. Left-click again on the feature name to enter office online training free download Edit mode as shown.

Enter Base as the new name for the first extruded feature. Part modifications can be done through accessing the features in the history tree. For our Saddle Bracket design, we will reduce the size of the base feature from 3.

Select the first extruded feature, Base, in the browser area. Inside the browser area, right-click on the first extruded feature to bring up the option menu and select the Show Dimensions option in the pop-up menu. All dimensions used to create the Base feature are displayed on the screen. Select the overall width of the Base feature, the 3. Enter 3. On your own, repeat the 207 steps and modify the extruded parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free from 2.

Note that Autodesk Inventor updates the model by relinking all elements used to create the model. Any problems or conflicts that occur will also be displayed during the updating process. In the 3D Model tab, select the Hole command by left-clicking parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free the icon.

In the Hole dialog box, choose Concentric in the placement option as shown. Pick the bottom plane of the solid model as the placement plane as shown. Pick the bottom arc to use as the concentric reference. Set the hole diameter to 0. Click OK to accept the settings and create the Hole feature. Pick the vertical face of the solid as shown.


Parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free. Autodesk Inventor 2017

Autodesk Inventor is a parametric and feature-based solid modeling tool. It allows you to convert the basic 2D sketch into a solid model using very simple. 4 Autodesk Inventor Essentials Plus Inserting AutoCAD Files Open Other Exercise Sketch Driven Pattern Connected Design on A Print to 3D PDF D. Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor Tutorial will help Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor Randy Shih.


[Parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 pdf free – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor contains a series of sixteen tutorial style lessons designed to introduce Autodesk Inventor, solid modeling, and. Parametric modeling is accomplished by identifying and creating the key features of the design with the aid of computer software. The design variables.


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