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Mainly, around some actions you can take to help optimize the performance for your user base! When we are discussing optimizing Teams, what most admins and users are interested in is teamms in audio, video, screen ms teams vdi citrix, calling and remote control situations. The other features of Teams ms teams vdi citrix chat and document sharing — is generally not a pain point. The following key points should allow Teams to operate in an optimal mode that provides the best user experience.

Setting the user expectations around what is possible or limited within the Vvi version of Teams can help ms teams vdi citrix head off these issues. Key action 1 — set user expectations as to differences between the desktop and VDI versions of Teams, provide roadmap to support this. Many problems that users encounter within Teams can be resolved by ms teams vdi citrix some basic troubleshooting techniques. Encouraging users to check that their devices are detected correctly is another way you can enable users to head off taems service desk calls.

If they are not, exiting Teams correctly in the way described above will often resolve the issue. Key action 2 — educate users in basic Teams troubleshooting, with supporting documentation as necessary.

It is also worth noting that when users disconnect sessions rather than logging out, the Citrix Yeams virtual channel that handles Teams can disconnect and not re-establish properly. Around this, it can be useful to set up robust timeout and disconnection policies to prevent users from experiencing this issue.

There are a number of factors to consider when deploying these policies, namely around understanding how users make use of the system, and this understanding will drive the policies that you implement. Key action 3 — implement suitable timeout and disconnection policies within the customer environment.

We already covered vdii in part 1 of this series, but lets reiterate that it is ms teams vdi citrix important to install Teams correctly for the environment. If the installation is not done correctly and a mix of desktop and VDI versions is allowed to proliferate, or even a mix of individual VDI versions on shared systems, users will experience high levels of Teams instability and errors.

The first command, which is the most common one ms teams vdi citrix use, disables the automatic update feature and is crucial to maintaining control within virtual environments with an administrator-managed image.

Key action 4 — ensure that Teams installation is done correctly dependent on the environment. It is also prudent to disable the automatic first run of Teams to prevent a storm of resource utilization when Teams по этой ссылке initially deployed. However, once it is run user-initiated for the first time, it is also prudent to then allow it to automatically launch for every user session thereafter.

This cannot be configured using GPOs command-line switches, contrary to what it may say in Microsoft documentation or online guides. The ideal way to configure this ms teams vdi citrix by following these steps For a full rundown of the installation and first-run config, see part 1 of this series. Key action — remove auto-start, configure Registry settings to disable first-run storm.

Other settings can be pre-configured here as required, although feams of them do not take properly RegisterAsIMProvider is a particularly troublesome setting. Key action 6 — pre-stage a JSON file into the master image to optimize base user settings as required.

For shared systems whether sharing the actual VM resource or the underlying hypervisor resourceTeams optimization is ms teams vdi citrix most crucial setting to enable. In addition to the requirements specified above, there is also a minimum Workspace App Citrix client version that must be present for offloading to be possible.

The required and recommended versions are detailed below. There is also a required Teams version that must be in use in order for optimization to ms teams vdi citrix possible. The minimum is 1. This should be updated as regularly as possible. Key action 7 — ensure Teams client temas, Workspace app versions and connecting client specifications meet the requirements stated.

Vci are also requirements around the Citrix DDC versions that must be met. The minimum VDA version required is Citrix have a CR нажмите сюда in which updates to the core infrastructure components appear quite regularly often quarterly.

LTSR, on the other hand, putatively states that these versions can mx in a supported configuration for up to five years. However, this is somewhat misleading. LTSR ms teams vdi citrix are supported as long as customers remain team cumulative updates or less behind the cltrix CU release, and CR versions ms teams vdi citrix to be supported within two releases of the current latest version.

In real terms, this means that the support teamx for LTSR is approximately two years, and that for CR the window of support жмите extend for approximately 18 months.

Given that CR allows easier and quicker deployment of new vdj as they become available, which is particularly relevant to Teams optimizations, and the achievement of feature parity ms teams vdi citrix the desktop and VDI Teams versions, it is clear that adopting the CR method is more desirable when it comes to a quality Teams experience.

Key action 8 — adopt the CR ms teams vdi citrix where possible n-1 from latest ms teams vdi citrix tramsor ensure that LTSR model remains up-to-date with Cumulative Update releases currently latest CU at time of writing is Ms teams vdi citrix which means minimum supported version would be CU1.

Ideally, devices should run the Workspace App with the auto-update feature enabled, but cirix is not always possible in every situation. To mitigate the risks posed by this, there are a few considerations that are worth thinking about. Often these older instances can force users into having to use an older Citrix client, commonly the 4. Teama action 9 — validate whether older clients are required, and implement a solution if this is found to be the case.

Scripts are available that will alert the user if they are at a client version older than a certain defined level, and can advise them to download the newer version or contact support. The script runs via PowerShell so there may be security constraints which could affect the viability ms teams vdi citrix this solution, ms teams vdi citrix there are options such as converting it to an executable which may make it more viable.

CTA Dennis Mohrmann provides the script that can do this which is linked here. We ms teams vdi citrix going to do ms teams vdi citrix separate post running through using this in the very near future. Other options around checking the client version exist, such as using ADC Endpoint Analysis or other contextual posture checking.

Dependent on what is available to the customer, this may also be worth team. Key action 10 — investigate the possibility of a posture check or nag ictrix the connecting client version to reduce unoptimized sessions. Citrix have an option to use the HTML5 version of the Workspace App ms teams vdi citrix runs embedded in the browser instead of using the ms teams vdi citrix client.

Some users find this useful, however it does not support Teams optimization and should be avoided. Key action 11 — educate users on how to use the full mw to launch their resources rather than the HTML5 version. To reduce the impact that non-optimized users can have on other sessions, it is possible trams selectively disable fallback mode so that they cannot launch resource-intensive tasks within Teams such as audio and video calling.

This is done by setting a Registry value either on a computer or user level. The available Registry values are listed below Both values should citirx set as DWORD values and can be either 0 fallback is enabled1 audio js video are disabled for non-optimized users or 2 video is disabled for non-optimized users.

It is recommended that this is set to 1, so that the impact of unoptimized users is ms teams vdi citrix, as well as encouraging to contact support to resolve ma problems with optimization failure. Note — this feature is currently broken! I have a case open with Microsoft to try and allow it to work properly and will update when the case moves forwards.

Key action 12 — implement DisableFallback to reduce the impact of non-optimized users across the estate. Some people are keen to explore the use etams the Teams citrrix client rather than the full fat client, and then leverage Citrix features such as Browser Content Redirection to offload the traffic.

This is not desirable on a number of levels. Firstly, the feature set is not complete. Secondly, using Browser Content Redirection to offload Teams is not straightforward and involves a lot of integration with authentication providers and security devices such as teas proxies. At this moment, it is not advisable to fall back to the web version of Teams in Citrix environments unless no other option is available.

There may be a post forthcoming where we discuss vddi to use it taems best as possible. Teams has a sizeable user cache which ms teams vdi citrix written to very regularly. This means that managing the user profile under Citrix can be teamz challenging.

This can be done either by ms teams vdi citrix the entire user profile into a VHD, or simply the Teams cache itself. There are three main solutions that can be used to capture the profile or individual caches into a VHD Dependent on the customer entitlements, any of these will suffice to capture the required data into a VHD and avoid the performance issues associated with older, file-based profile management systems.

If a different profile management solution is incumbent, the Office Container нажмите сюда rather citri the Profile Container can be used to complement the existing one. Key action 13 — deploy a container-based VHD solution for profile management when using Teams. In order to minimize the storage footprint required, it is ms teams vdi citrix, if possible, to exclude certain folders from the Teams cache. The most crucial folder to exclude citrx the capture is the ,s below This ensures that a total of 5GB per user is trimmed from the cache storage requirement at the first run of Teams.

The trade-off with VHD file solutions is that they add state, rather than removing it. In order to keep the size of the VHDs down, it ms teams vdi citrix recommended to run regular pruning and compaction on the cache stores. This can be configured to run offline using community scripts from a узнать больше здесь of locations. Microsoft recommend that AV exclusions for Teams are configured to allow best performance. Robust and performant network infrastructure is required to support Vi, particularly when using the audio and video calling features citriz meetings.

The following metrics suggest thresholds for performance on a network level. It is recommended that monitoring vfi both a network, hypervisor and session level is put in place to help with continually trending, baselining and assessing Teams performance.

Without these metrics, judgements on performance become subjective. Microsoft Teams is a difficult piece of software to deploy virtually, given the ever-changing nature of the software and the fast update cadence. Microsoft can make changes on a tenant level which affect the layout and performance of the user interface, without any change being made on the customer end. This makes it a uniquely challenging application.

With good monitoring, yeams controls, continuous development vdu appropriate management buy-in, it can be deployed ms teams vdi citrix a manner which provides a reliable user experience. It must be reiterated, though, that this involves keeping on top of the deployment in a way that is possibly unfamiliar to operations teams. When the Teams client is updated, it must be uninstalled fully prior to updating — it cannot be upgraded in place. This makes a rolling rebuild mechanism using technologies such as Terraform, Packer, Citri, etc.

Whilst it is appreciated that this is a big sea-change and not something many enterprises could undertake lightly, the shift towards infrastructure-as-code and a more devops-style deployment method would reap vfi in the longer term as more Office applications evolve to the same methodology as Teams.

So there you have ms teams vdi citrix — a whole list of possible things you can do to optimize your Teams experience on Citrix. As I said, a lot of spin-off ms teams vdi citrix are hinted at here — they teans be forthcoming pretty soon! Great write up.


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High DPI scaling is not supported. FAQ for licensing. Select the box to activate “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” under Compatibility mode. Subscribe Today. Each participant gets up to four individual media streams.


Optimization for Microsoft Teams | Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7

This is the Teams desktop client app installed in the VDA, which is preferably the latest version, available here. There is no special “VDI. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly known as XenApp and XenDesktop) provides AV optimization for Teams on VDI. With Citrix Virtual Apps. Microsoft Teams redirection is an efficient method for saving VDI/SBC resources. This however only works for the desktop based (a.k.a. fat-client) Microsoft.


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