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See all reviews. Worm War I. This also helps improve the compatibility up to Windows 8. That being said, the graphics are excellently done.


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Frankensteins Monster. Frogs And Flies. Front Line. Game Of Concentration. Gas Hog. Ghost Manor. GI Joe Cobra Strike. Gingerbread Man. Glacier Patrol. Go Fish. Go Sub. Grand Prix. Great Escape. Haunted House. He Man. Hell Driver. Holey Moley. Home Run. Human Cannonball.

I Want My Mommy. Ice Hockey. Ikari Warriors. Inca Gold. Indy International Soccer. INV Plus. James Bond Journey Escape. Jungle Hunt. Junior Pac Man. Keystone Kapers.

King Kong. Kool Aid Man. Krokodile Cartridge. Kung Fu Superkicks. Lady Bug. Lady In Wading. Laser Blast. Laser Gates. Laser Volley. Lock N Chase. London Blitz. Lost Luggage. Marble Craze. Marine Wars. Master Builder.

Masters Of The Universe. Math Gran Prix. Maze Craze. Medieval Mayhem. Mega Force. Mental Kombat. Midnight Magic. Miner er. Miner er 2. Mines Of Minos. Miniature Golf. Missile Control. Mission Mission Survive. Mogul Maniac. Montezumas Revenge. Moon Patrol. Moto Rodeo. Motocross Racer. Mountain King. Mouse Trap. Mr DO. Mr DOs Castle.

Ms Pac Man. Music Machine. My Golf. Name This Game. Night Driver. Night Stalker. No Escape. Ocean City Defender. Off The Wall. Off Your Rocker. Okie Dokie. Omega Race. Open Sesame. Oscars Trash Race. Out Of Control. Outer Space. Pac Kong. Pac Man. Peek A Boo. Peles Championship Soccer. Pete Rose Baseball. Phantom II. Phantom Panzer. Philly Flasher Cathouse Blues. Pick N Pile. Pick Up. Piece O Cake. Pigs In Space. Pitfall 2. Planet Patrol. Plaque Attack. Poker Plus. Poker Squares. Pole Position.

Pressure Cooker. Pressure Gauge. Private Eye. Quest For Quintana Roo. Quick Step. Rabbit Transit. Radar Lock. Raft Rider. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Rainbow Invaders. Raster Fahndung. Realsports Baseball. Realsports Basketball.

Realsports Boxing. Realsports Football. Realsports Soccer. Realsports Tennis. Realsports Volleyball. Reindeer Rescue. Revenge Of The Apes. Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomatoes.

Riddle Of The Sphinx. River Patrol. River Raid. River Raid 2. Road Runner. Robot Tank. Roc N Rope. Room Of Doom. Rubiks Cube. Save The Whales. Schnecke Gegen Eichhornchen. Scuba Diver. Sea Hawk. Sea Hunt. Secret Agent. Secret Quest. Sesam Offne Dich. Shark Attack. Shootin Gallery. Shuttle Orbiter. Sir Lancelot. Skate Boardin. Skeet Shoot. Skeleton Plus. Sky Diver. Sky Patrol. Sky Skipper. Slot Machine. Slot Racers. Smurfs Save The Day. Snail Against Squirrel. Sneak N Peek.

Snow White. Solar Fox. Solar Plexus. Solar Storm. Sorcerers Apprentice. Space Adventure. Space Attack. Space Battle. Space Canyon. Space Cavern. Space Chase. Space Instigators. Space Invaders. Space Jockey. Space Shuttle. Space Treat. Space Treat Deluxe.

Space Tunnel. Space War. Spacemaster X7. Spider Fighter. Spider Man. Spider Maze. Spikes Peak. There’s also a short series of video interviews with Nolan Bushnell the Atari-meister himself which includes discussions of the creation of the company and it got its name it’s derived from the Japanese game called “Go”.

However, since the special features are a few years old, they’re definitely showing their age. A DVD-quality redux of the low-res bonus material should have been included and is a necessity for any future Atari compilations. Back in the day, part of the fun of playing an Atari game was figuring out exactly how to play it. Instruction manuals were not the novellas they are now, and games like Swordquest that simply required you “find the hidden clues and solve the puzzle” were part of the Atari experience.

If you’re in doubt, ample documentation, game options, and tutorial text are present to help you figure out exactly how to play a game. Some notable exceptions to this rule include the enigmatic Basic Programming and the parser strategy Stellar Track. If you’re into having any fun, you probably won’t be playing these games anyway. Let’s be honest, though: The graphics in Atari games stink by today’s standards. Most of the games show your character a blocky shape throwing something a line shape or wielding a weapon an arrow shape to destroy enemies that come in all sorts of geometric variations.

Anti-aliasing is nonexistent, the pixels are huge, and the screen will flicker when there are too many sprites on screen. The wire frame vector graphics in games like Tempest and Major Havoc are by far the coolest, and the more advanced games in the “Arcade Classics” section will undoubtedly get the most play time.

Similarly, the sound in 80 Classic Games consists of beeps, boops, and the occasional digital melody. Retro samples are back in a big way, however, and some games have trippy tunes and even speech as in Quad Run that any electronic music artist would do good to check out.

Electronic games have come a hell of a long way in the past twenty-five years. For gamers pushing thirty, Atari 80 is a window to the past and the essential anthology of Atari classics.


Old Games Download – Retrogaming and Abandonware – We’re sorry but we are no longer able to offer this game.


Test your arm at Pong and try to score the most goals or destroy blocks in Super Breakout by bouncing a moving ball off of the blocks. Or have a blast playing Asteroids or Tempest. Relive the fun games from your younger days or get introduced to some classic arcade games for the first time. These games are so easy to learn how to play that you can show your kids what real video games were like! Atari Classic Arcade is a game that brings the arcade to your computer.

Six different Atari classics are included in this download. Asteroids and Pong are just two of the games you will get to play. Simulated arcade machines will add to the nostalgic feel for you older gamers.

The programmers did a great job recreating the old games right down to the smallest details. Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command and Tempest are all shooter games. In Asteroids you must pilot your ship around the screen destroying asteroids and the occasional alien craft while also dodging the asteroids.

Missile command puts you in charge of defending the cities from missile attacks by shooting them out of the air. Pong and Super Breakout are paddle games where you must keep a ball in the game area. Super Breakout requires you to knock out all the bricks before you can proceed to the next level, but you must also keep the ball from falling through the bottom of the screen.

Each game uses a different set of keyboard keys since each game requires different controls. Centipede uses only the mouse to navigate and shoot while Asteroids requires you to use the arrow keys for navigation. Some games like Pong include a secondary set of keys to allow for multiplayer action. All the games have two player capability, but most are just trading turns at the game to see who can get the highest score.

Tempest is the only game that offers difficulty settings, the rest just start easy and increase in difficulty as you progress. The graphics are exactly what they were when these games were brand new. That being said, the graphics are excellently done. They captured the original games perfectly and even added in the look of the arcade machines that featured these titles.

There are a few drawbacks for those who aren’t familiar with these games. The games are very limited in what you can do and they don’t offer much variety. Levels are all identical except for color changes and increased difficulty. This non-stop activeness space-shooter has simple controls, David vs. Goliath takes the classic story of history’s greatest underdog to a new extreme!

With sling and stone, and a crazy array of other power-ups, battle your way through marauding enemies to confront the tyrant Goliath one-on-one! It’s not hard to make a trash fan happy. All you need is a post-apocalyptic world, a sexy chick with big If you agree, “GunGirl” is certainly the right platform game for you, because it has more than enough of all these ingredients.

An evil doctor has taken over the world and created an army of flesh eating zombies. You play a blonde chick that has to blast her way trough hordes of enemies to save mankind. To do so you have Flight Simulator X immerses you in a beautifully rich and realistic world with dozens of aircraft and interactive Missions for a completely new and innovative gaming experience.

Gamers and simmers of all ages and skill Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a downloadable, free-to-play multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It’s a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades.

The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation, with each player covering their teammates and using their class special abilities in concert with the others.

Featuring multiplayer support for up to 32 players, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is the ultimate Redguard is a swashbuckling action adventure set in the award-winning world of The Elder Scrolls. Speak with the citizens, cross swords with Imperial guards and back-country ruffians, scramble over hill and dale, and treat yourself to the sights and sounds of the island of Stros M’kai.

This is a stripped-down demonstration version of the game, with limited functionality, in which you can get a feel for the cool gameplay and graphics; the full version has many features and locations unavailable It’s Survival of the biggest in this deep sea challenge. Swim your way from the safety of the reefs to the depths of the open ocean in your struggle to reach the top of the Food Chain. Can you eat enough to get big enough to face down the Shark King?

As the Cold War drew to a close, the world believed that peace would reign across the globe. It seemed that a new age had dawned, an age of lasting unity between nations, but this was not the case. Instead the fight for global supremacy had only been forced underground into the battlefield of covert ops and evil acts of terror.

Into this arena sprung a new force. Masked behind the guises of subterfuge, plausible deniability and information management, the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence Library of the Ages is a puzzle game of sorting ancient books into runs and sets before time runs out. Listen to masterpieces of classical music and take in the top-notch rendered graphics as you play, but beware: the pace quickens as your candle burns away, and the challenge builds from level to level!

Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Puzzle games. The game keeps the epic scope of the gameplay while evolving the combat and economic features. Players are challenged to build their nations into great civilization.

Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Strategy games. After years of peace under the benevolent rule of Lord Ironfist, the lands of Enroth are again thrust into turmoil. Twin sons, one good one evil, vie for the coveted throne and you must choose which side to support in the coming wars. Will you back the villainous usurper and lead his evil hordes, or be loyal to the righteous prince and lead the armies of light?

The choice is yours, the challenge is immense, and the consequence of failure is death! Heroes of Might and We hope you enjoy exploring your new PlanIt. Every effort has been made to make your Personal Daily PlanIt very useful and extremely entertaining, and yet easy and intuitive to use. However, should you need a little assistance in navigating your PlanIt, we have included extensive on-line help that is always just a click away. The PlanIt provides you with tremendous flexibility in setting up your planner environment for the way you like to work.

Use the Options menu to customize the planner Topics: Windows applications, Vintage computer applications. Treasure Fall is a classic item matching puzzle game that anyone can play. Uncover the secrets of the enchanted treasure and use them to cast powerfull magical spells for bigger rewards.

Beautiful art and sound crafted into gameplay that takes hold the first time you play. As Lt. Mike Powell, you’re a member of the OSS, the premier spy agency in the world. You’ll be sent into some of the most dangerous situations possible like disguising yourself as a Nazi and strolling through a German encampment. Be aware of the enemy troops, the lark on every corner.

Pacman type game favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite 1 reviews Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Action games. Your mission is to stop Dr. Proton, a madman bent on ruling the world with his army of Techbots. As the irrepressible hero Duke Nukem, you’ll chase Dr. Proton deep into the Earth, then to his lunar space station, and eventually into the Earth’s nuclear ravished future.

This is an astonishing Sega Genesis style game with amazing animation! Also features dual scrolling play fields, with huge 3D-like Harold the Homeboy and his friends have decided to climb a huge tower they found the other day. It’s up to you to help them get as high as possible without falling down, and collect extra points by doing cool moves on the way. There is nothing to do than climb up the tower, but the game is very addictive and you will try over and over again, just to get a better combo or to get to a higher level.

Are you ready for some girl vs. Then you need Fetish Fighters!! Fetish Fighters is an all female fighting game, featuring characters dressed in sexy uniforms and costumes.

The full version has up to 17 characters fighting on 10 different stages. A FREE trial version is available that has 5 characters, fighting on 3 stages. Find out just how fast your PC really is. Dodge traffic, outrace cops, and thrash pedestrians on your way to winning the Cup and becoming the menace to society your mother always worried about.

Videogioco di flipper “3D Pinball: Space Cadet” v5. Manca la guida in linea. Topics: video game, Windows. The series famous for relentless intensity is bigger, better-looking, and more frantic than ever.

Sam Stone is back to rescue the universe one bullet at a time against overwhelming hordes of time-traveling enemies in Serious Sam 2. Built from the ground up with a completely new engine, Serious Sam 2 will be a shot of adrenaline to the hearts of first-person-shooter fans across the world.

This second demo for Serious Sam II includes the updates from the latest patch as well as an additional And I think the elder ones of you will remember the computer game from Activision as well. This one is a remake of this game and the developers Scottige and Trevor Storey surely did a great job. They improved the graphics and the sound effects, but Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Action games, Game remakes. Open Sonic is an open source platformer featuring two playable “zones” divided into three levels each, three characters from Sonic universe Sonic, Knuckles and Tails and cooperative play but limited to one activity only.

While current version of the project is only 0. Next version, called Open Surge, will be 0. The goal in each regular level both Topics: Windows games, Linux games, Vintage computer games, Action games. Uncover the tuner underground in a massive, free-roaming metropolis. Get behind the wheel in one of 30 of the hottest cars and own the streets from dusk ’til dawn.

Explore the city, encountering underground races, hidden hideouts, secret shops, and unexpected challengers With comprehensive performance tuning options, all-new game modes, and the most sought-after cars on the circuit, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers the most authentic tuner experience ever.

This is the official demo of the In late , the United States launched dual military operations in Mogadishu Somalia. Experience the intense combat of Operation Restore Hope in this ground breaking first person shooter. As a Delta Force operative participate in a number of daring and intense raids against the oppressive Somali warlords in and around Mogadishu.

It includes new music, locations,enemies, moves, graphical effects, a parallel plot and a lot more features. This game is simply amazing. It has that nostalgic “Golden Axe”, “Double Dragon” feeling and you just can’t help but seeing yourself back in an arcade hall putting in another Quick thinking and fast reflexes are essential in order to stay ahead of the onrushing oil.

Strategy is required to correctly place the oddly shaped links in order to keep the oil flowing as long as possible. Oilcap is a four star game that is a challenge for all ages! Also known as Oil Cap. Hitman: Blood Money places gamers once again in the role of the world’s greatest assassin, Agent When assassins from Agent 47’s contract killing firm, The ICA, are systematically eliminated in a series of hits, it seems a larger more powerful agency has entered the fray.

Sensing that he may be the next target, Hitman travels to the United States, where he prepares to make a killing. The Demo for Hitman: Blood Money lets you learn the tricks of the hitman trade as you go through one level in The Remake was made for the Retro Remakes competition. Here’s the official description: “The action takes place in the sleepy seaside town of Cauldron Point – down in an area known as the Goon Docks.

One day they find an old treasure map in Mikey’s attic. This installment in TrackMania series features 65 new tracks, solo and multiplayer mode, track editor and special system allowing players of TMNF and TrackMania United Forever to play on the same servers. You can also choose from many more nationalities than in previous freeware edition, which allowed playing for only few countries.

Like its earlier version, it is a massive freeware game, boasting The dominant life form is the Geek, not to be confused with the geeks we know here on earth. Geeks have extremely high IQ’s, but they lack common sense.

OK, so there is some resemblance to earthly geeks. A Geek could out-perform any scientific calculator without blinking an eye, but would have trouble solving even simple puzzles. Zeek is a typical Geek. He has a large head with a very Where you couldn’t go before, there are now no limits. The robust vehicles tumble around all kinds of locations, impossible to break, using whatever tactics necessary to gain first place in the race.

Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Racing games. Drive the world’s most exotic cars of all time, at breakneck speeds, on some of the fastest roads and tracks. Beautiful high-resolution graphics, accurate physics models of car performance making even the crashes super realistic will leave you panting for more. Play against the computer in this strategy marble maze game. Your objective is to get your marbles to the bottom of a maze filled with ramps, walls, black holes and much more!

Block your opponent by pushing your marbles into strategic positions to stop him from doing the same to you. Live the epic action of Peter Jackson’s movie King Kong.

Play as Jack or Kong in unique, dual-style gameplay. Play in first-person Survival mode as Jack Driscoll: shoot, evade, and fight using Skull Island’s hostile environment to your advantage. Launch your destructive power as the iconic ape-monster Kong in third person, from the savage perils of Skull Island to the skyscrapers of New York.

From Ensemble Studios, the creators of Age of Empires and Age of Kings, comes Age of Mythology, a game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortal men.

Taking on the role of one of nine ancient civilizations, players guide their people to greatness by commanding all aspects of their empire: gathering resources, raising massive armies, waging war against enemies, establishing profitable trade routes, building Revisiting Wolfenstein 3D, this demo puts you in the capable shoes of B. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated Army Ranger who must escape Castle Wolfenstein only to return in an attempt to thwart the evil experiments of Heinrich Himmler, a Nazi scientist.

Make your way through German villages overrun by the occult, hidden crypts, forests, air bases, weapons facilities, genetic labs, and other deadly locations. Encounter German soldiers and other more mysterious foes, and use a variety of weapons to Tetris where you need to “match” pairs of couples for them to be removed from the playfield.

As one of only a few survivors, you struggle with shock and fear as you fight your way to hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil. Play through part of the beginning of the game in this single-player demo 1 reviews Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Action games. Welcome to Virtual Woman 95, the program that allows you to create and interact with a Virtual Woman. You choose her personality type, ethnic background, physical appearance, clothing, location, and other characteristics, and engage her in conversation.

The goal? Lets just say that Virtual Woman has a few tricks up her sleeve for the right smooth talking guy. Topics: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Simulation games. Unreal Tournament is – hands down – the most feature – filled game of its kind to come along.

There are more bells and whistles here than in all of the Rhineland’s cuckoo clock shops. Let’s put it this way: if you want it, Unreal Tournament probably provides it or least provides an option for it. Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason. You may be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice. Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonor.

And a past that catches up with you. Trust no one. If the price is right, the finger of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger. Your targets may hide in the most A remake of one of the biggest classics ever. NOTE: The team in here has had issues with different versions but the game is playable, and you can still get a good time-waster here.

That is why you can find both versions in here as downloads. You have to guide your lemmings through different scenarios, where they tend to walk off cliffs or right into anything deadly in their way. But now, evil creeped into heart of the Empire, and the Golden Axe was stolen.

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