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Windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download

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Working Not working. These hardware issues could also be the reason of “my Windows 10 computer turns on but the screen is black”. Sadly, the update was either corrupted or got halted in between that resulted in the black screen after the login problem. If a hardware-related issue has caused your laptop to have a black screen after login, then consider visiting a repairing center. 商標はすべて米国およびその他の国の各社が所有します。 この Web サイトで使用されている地域データの一部は geonames. Any help appreciated. could be a file is out of date and you need to re-download or use that repair function.❿


How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 10 Without Losing Data? – Windows 10 pc not booting black screen free download


In this, we will revert to a previous Restore Point for all the system settings and user data. Therefore, before you proceed, make sure you already have a Restore Point maintained.

Now, click on the ” System Restore ” button and follow a simple click-through process to restore your computer’s settings. If everything would go well, then your system will restart without any issues and you won’t encounter the after login black screen on Windows Besides, you can learn how to fix the black screen before login.

If the 5 above software tricks didn’t help you get rid of the Windows black screen after login problem, you can go on some hardware related options. You could start with checking for loose connections: Is the cable properly connected or is it bent somewhere?

Is there some physical damage of your Windows 10 computer? These hardware issues could also be the reason of “my Windows 10 computer turns on but the screen is black”. If none of these methods so far working, you can try with the absolute minimum configuration – disconnect all peripherals.

Peripherals connected to the device may also cause black screen or black screen with spinning dots of Windows computer. Normally, spinning dots on screen during startup means that the computer is installing a update, and you just need to wait for a while. But if the spinning dots stays on the screen without any changes for a long time, it could be a compatibility problem with some hardwares connected to this computer.

You can try to disconnect all the peripherals including additional monitors, additional external adapters, fancy headphoes, etc. Just start with the basic vanilla configuration and restart the device to see if that’s going to bring any difference.

Tips: If you find some important files are missing after succesfully fixing the black screen issue of your Windows PC, Recoverit data recovery can also help you get lost data back in 3 simple steps as shown in the video tutorial below:. There you go! I’m sure that after going through this extensive guide, you would be able to fix the Windows 10 black screen after the login problem.

I have listed various software-related and hardware-related issues that you can follow to resolve the black screen after the login issue.

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Share this with friends. also tell the specs of the computer. How much space is on the pc? It was the first time something like this ever happened. That’s why I’m so worried because I just don’t know what happened. tonimark の投稿を引用:. ignore it one time i had dota 2 playing on my PC it got a BSOD!!! the game punishent me so hard for no reason also i never had any more BSOD since then Nick の投稿を引用:. ioletsgo プロフィールを表示 投稿を表示. Sounds like a cable issue. Next, you need to specify a target location to store recovered data.

This part will go through some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue on Windows 10 computer. No need to feel complicated, even if different solutions are presented here. We will try to explain fixes from the easiest to difficult, so you can start from the first solution until the problem is fixed.

Method 1: Check if there are connection problems. When the black screen problem appears before your computer signs into Windows 10, you’d better pay attention to the connections. Here are some points for your reference. Check the connections for graphic card. For some computers that have both a discrete and integrated graphic card, you should also figure out whether the discrete card is causing the problem Moreover, some updates of UEFI and BIOS may also disable the discrete graphic card.

On top of that, you can also try a different video card to determine whether the black screen issue has something to do with a broken graphic. Check display. The connection between the display and computer might be lost. Remove non-essential peripherals.

It has been reported by many users that some connected devices can be the reason of black screen. To eliminate this aspect, you just need to disconnect all unnecessary devices, such as USB drives, docking station, printers, Bluetooth, etc.

After that, restart computer and see if the problem still exists. Sometimes, the black screen occurs after logging in Windows 10, and you can still use the mouse. This might be caused by Windows Explorer process. Here is a quick guide to restart the process. Step 1. If the Taskbar is available, you can easily launch Task Manager with it. The boot device on your computer should be the hard drive or SSD where Windows operating system is installed, or the bootable media e.

Restart computer and press the prompted key e. The item is named differently based on the brand of your device. Select the option and reset it to default settings. The computer crash is one of the signs of hard drive failing. When the hard drive is in bad health status, you should act quickly to rescue files.

Here are two simple ways to test hard drive. DiskGenius Free Edition includes a S. Then click “Disk” — “View S. Now the pop-up window gives the detailed information. If the “Heath Status” says “Bad”, “Warning”, “Damaged” or something like that, you should back up or recover data as soon as possible.

Bad sectors not only prevent data access but also makes hard drive not recognized. Once a hard drive develops bad sectors, it is recommended to backup or recover data first and then replace it with a new one. Here is how to check bad sectors with DiskGenius Free Edition.

The feature of repairing bad sectors is also provided, and yet it is not suggested to run bad sector repairing before all files get backed up. Because the bad sector testing repairing process, unlike the bad sector testing process, will damage data. Since the computer is no longer bootable, a recovery drive is needed here in order to access the Windows Repair. Use the recovery drive to boot computer.

When you see the following screen, click “Advanced options” button. After booting into Safe Mode, you can try more fixes, such as repair corrupted drivers, remove buggy updated, uninstall software, etc. To access Safe Mode, the Recovery Drive is needed here too.


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